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Are you now, or were you previously, an employee or manager taken advantage of by your employer?Do you think you are due unpaid wages or compensation?You may be entitled to other compensation, not just for unpaid wages, in addition to damages and penalties allowed under the California Labor Code.

These damages and penalties could be much more than the actual wages or benefits owed you.

Below, are just a few examples of the common Labor Code violations committed by employers for which you may receive compensation:
  • Unpaid wages?
  • Unpaid overtime?
  • Not receiving overtime for work over 8 hours?
  • Not paid for unused/accrued vacation time upon termination of employment?
  • Did your employer make you pay for accidental damages caused by you to business property?
  • Not paid immediately when terminated?
  • Not paid within 72 hours of quitting your job?
  • Not allowed to take rest breaks?
  • Unable to take an uninterrupted 30 minute lunch break?
  • Not paid for travel?
  • Not paid for uniform expenses?
  • Out of state pay checks taking too long to clear?
  • Managers may also be entitled to overtime if you have been illegally misclassified.
  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace harassment
  • Unlawful employee/employer non-compete agreements preventing you from working in the same type of job?
  • Employee disability claims denied by your employers group insurance plan?
We also offer representation in the following:
  • Public employee skelly hearing representation
  • Labor commissioner hearings representation
  • Wage class-action lawsuits
If you believe you were taken advantage of or wronged by your employer, we invite you to telephone or email our office for a free initial consultation.

In most cases, if we don't recover any money for you, you will owe absolutely nothing in legal fees.

It does not matter if you are an undocumented alien.  You are still entitled to the protection of the California Labor Code.We represent clients throughout California.CALL US TOLL FREE: 1-877-675-2529

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